After School Program

We will again be utilizing the nationally recognized homework help and tutoring program, Power Hour! Our goal is to send our members home with completed homework each day. This helps them face the next day confident, prepared and ready to move on to the next challenge. Kids with confidence have higher GPA’s, miss less school and face the school day with a sense of excitement rather than fear. Not only this, but it helps our families by giving them back their evenings together because homework was completed at Club.

In addition to Power Hour we will be offering a drug and alcohol prevention program called SMART Moves on Thursdays thanks to a grant from Missoula County. This is a program designed to help young kids understand the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse and how to say no without affecting their friendships.

 We have program sites at City Life Community Center on Fairview Avenue in Mid-Missoula, at Council Groves Apartment Complex, Target Range School and Lolo Elementary.  Kids are met by staff directly after school and can be picked up anytime before 6:00 from their program site. The cost is $36.00-$140.00 per month depending on how many days you schedule with full and half-time scholarships available.  Pick-up and meeting details are as follows:

Mid-Missoula (1515 Fairview Ave.) Paxson, Lewis and Clark, Cold Springs, Chief Charlo, and Bonner Elementary students will be picked up by our staff in a BGCM van and brought to our Mid-Missoula location. Kids from CS Russell are met by staff members at 3:00 then they all walk together to the club site at City Life at 3:30 when the older kids are released from school.

Lolo, our staff meets the kids outside of the elementary school office right after the final bell.  We meet at the school on Tuesday and Wednesday and at Lolo Community Church the other 3 days.

Bonner, our staff meets the kids at school and they are transported to our Mid-Missoula program site. Parents can pick up at City Life any time before 6:00.

Target Range School, our staff meets our kids in the multipurpose room at 3:00 and 3:30 where they “home base” for the afternoon.

Council Groves Apartment Complex, held in the commons room. Early Hawthorne students ride the #206 or “Horse” bus and get off at the Council Groves stop where they are met by staff at the bus stop. Late Hawthorne kids ride the 165 bus to Council groves where they will be met by staff at the bus stop.  

And Announcing….

Middle School, we have opened our Middle School Program on September 5th, 2016 thanks to a generous grant from Lowe’s that has allowed us to trick out the Student Center at City Life with new furniture, video games, computers and more!  Middle School is open from 3-7.  Transportation is not provided at this rime.  Pelase check the Middle School Program post and download the flyer.  Walking and Mountain Line bus directions from each middle school are on the flyer.


Thank you Lowes Logo for helping us remodel our club!!!!!