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It Just Takes One

                 Missoula County faces many challenges  ahead with providing adequate  and affordable after-school programming for our growing population of children.

The Boys & Girls Club of Missoula County has risen to the challenge since 1987. We are optimistic about the future and we believe this challenge creates an opportunity to serve as a model for providing excellent after school care for a low cost without sacrificing quality.

To rise to this challenge we need your help. It just takes one.

At The Boys & Girls Club we believe it takes just one role model to positively influence our children. The Club teaches academic diligence, promotes active healthy lifestyles and surrounds children with positive role models and community leaders.

Our research shows that children who participate in after school programs perform better in school , less likely to be involved with criminal activities and are less likely to be involved in accidents at home.

By becoming a member of the Boys & Girls Club you will join an organization that is taking positive steps to shape the future of our youth.

Your membership means The Boys & Girls Club can continue to work to provide high quality after school programming at the lowest rates in Missoula and keep it financially accessible for all parents and children.

Help our club by texting “bgcm” to 41444.  Thank you!