Schools We Serve

The Boys & Girls Club of Missoula County is currently able to serve 9 Missoula County Elementary Schools and has a program for Middle School students.
Our locations and how we get our members to them are varied, but there are a few things that happen every day at every site.  

For our kids the most important thing is snack!  Thanks to our partnership with the Missoula Food Bank we are able to give our kids a 5 component snack every day right after school.  They get a fruit, a veggie, a protein, a grain and milk.  We serve an average of 20,790 snacks each school year!

Our parents like Power Hour best.  That is the 20-40 minutes set aside each afternoon for homework completion.  Imagine, one less thing to worry about each evening because homework is done at club! 

Everyone likes the time to play.  Each of our sites has lots of space for our kids to run and play, to jump rope, throw a ball, shoot baskets and create all kids of imaginary games with their friends.  The box cities at Target Range are epic!   

Please read on to see which schools we are currently able to serve.  We hope to expand to other schools and districts, so if you would like to see a Boys 
& Girls Club in your school, talk to us and to you school principal.  Maybe we can make it happen!

Mid-Missoula Site
Our Mid-Missoula location is in the City Life Community Center in the heart of Missoula City at 1515 Fairview Avenue. 
Middle School at Mid-Missoula: This program is located in the Student Center and is open M-F 3:45-6.  Middle School students are responsible for getting themselves to Club and are able to leave at will.  There is no cost to for middle school students to come and play video games, (we have all the consoles!) get your homework done and hang out with your friends.  We have a great sound system and nearly unlimited snacks.   Please feel free to download and share the FLYER and check out our DIRECTIONS Page to see the Mountain Line bus and walking routes from each Middle School to Club.  

Elementary School at Mid-Missoula:
We meet kids from Cold Springs Elementary, Chief Charlo Elementary, Paxson Elementary and Lewis & Clark Elementary schools on their playgrounds and bring them to our Mid-Missoula location with passenger vans.  Our staff meets kids from Russell Elementary on the school playground and we all walk together to Club.  We also bring Bonner Elementary school kids to this site.  We meet them as the bell rings and transport them with a passenger van.
Lolo Site
Our Lolo Boys & Girls Club staff meets our kids at near the elementary school office as the bell rings.  Tuesday and Wednesdays we stay at the school and Monday, Thursday and Friday we transport the kids to a nearby church. We also welcome students from Lolo private schools.  We are not able to pick them up from their school at this time, but if a child can be dropped off we are very happy to have them at Club.
Target Range Site
We meet our Target Range Elementary School members in the school cafeteria as the bell rings.
Council Groves Site
Our Council Groves program site is located in the Community Center on the Council Groves Apartment Complex property. Kid's from Hawthorne Elementary get dropped off by a school bus at the complex.  Our staff meets the kids at the bus stop and they walk together to the Club site.  There is a Mountain Line bus route that picks Franklin Elementary kids up at a stop near their playground and takes them to the Council Groves Complex where they can meet our staff.  At this time we are unable to have a staff member ride that route with the kids.  But as a parent if you feel your child is mature enough to ride the route alone, we will happily welcome them at our Council Groves site. Council Groves residents pay $1 per day for this program, non-Council Groves residents pay the regular fees and are welcome to apply for scholarships if needed.

The monthly cost to attend the elementary school program is: per child for 5 days per week - $140, 4-days per week - $120, 3 days per week - $96, 2 days per week $68 and 1 day per week - $36. There are full and half scholarships available based on household income, however, we are only able to offer 1 scholarship per family. All families are put on a direct debit payment system, you will find the form in the registration packet. You can choose to have your account debited on the 1st, the 15th or split between the 2 days.  

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