Summer Camp

Summer the Boys & Girls Club Way

During the summer our youngest members, those entering 1st and 2nd grade, are in a group we call the "Littles." 

The Littles go on easy day hikes, play at local parks, go to the library each week, swim at Splash Montana, and enjoy activities at our partnership organizations Missoula Art Museum and MCAT.  

We also get to go on some awesome field trips!  We go to Garnet Ghost Town, learn about our local history at Traveler's Rest and even learn about the consequences of bad choices in days gone by at the Old Penitentiary in Deer Lodge.  


Our middle summer camp group is made up of members entering 3rd and 4th grade.  

Much like the Littles, they go to the Library and get to go to fun programs at our partner organizations.  They also go hiking about once a week, but their hikes are more challenging.  They climb the M, take on Waterworks Hill and explore trails locally and in the Bitterroot.

Middsies swim at Splash too, but they also get to go to safe lakes like Harper's Lake. As our members grow and mature their activities get more exciting and challenging.


Our Juno group is made up of kids going into the 5th grade through 8th grade.  

Our Juno members spend their summer out and about all over Western Montana.  Each week they get library time, go to Out-to-Lunch, swim at least twice a week - once at Splash and at whatever lake, swimming hole or beach that they end up at the end of a hike.  

This last summer Juno got the opportunity to camp at Hungry Horse Reservoir for a couple of nights and take on the aerial ropes course at White Fish Resort. Safely harnessed and tied to climbing ropes at 10, 20 and even 40 feet off the ground our kids found that they are stronger and braver then they ever realized.

We have also been lucky enough to have a week long camping trip to Glacier National Park each summer for the last 6 summers in partnership with the Udahl Foundation and the Glacier Institute called Parks in Focus. 

CIT - Counselor in Training Program

Mentor-ship is a huge part of Boys & Girls Club.  And our CIT or Counselor-in-Training program is an important part of mentoring.  Middle school aged members who have shown that they are ready and willing to take on a leadership role are offered a CIT position.

This means that they will strive to be a good example for the younger kids, will help the adult staff when needed and will help mediate disputes between younger members fairly.  

During Summer Camp CIT's are assigned an age group to work with an age group.  They help the adult staff with things such as helping the younger kids wash their hands at snack time or organizing a fun group game.  They will accompany the younger group on outings and, just one example, help the adult staff keep the walking line moving.  

And CIT's are invaluable when younger kids are having a dispute. It is a great opportunity for all the kids to practice good conflict resolution skills.  The younger kids get help resolving their dispute from a cool older kid instead of being told what to do by an adult.  And the CIT gets a feeling of pride for being the one that helped solve a problem and for being a great example for smaller kids.  

It's not all work though! We make sure that the CIT's get to spend time with kids their own age.  Each Friday they get to hang out with the Juno group and go hiking or swimming.  And if the Juno group is going on a really cool trip or activity the CIT's go along.

CIT's are truly the first step in a great mentor-ship. To a 6 year old nothing is cooler then an older kid who is nice to them. They watch carefully and emulate every move.

Out and About

Our kids are not inside much during summer camp!  Each week our kids spend time swimming, hiking and running around outside.  In fact in the summer of 2017 each camper spent an average of 324 hours outside instead of looking at a screen.
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