President - Nicolas Wilson

Good day to you! 
My name is Nic Wilson and I'm a proud Bitterroot Valley native who's nieces have created our 5th-generation strong, Montana family! I was born in Hamilton, MT and since day-1, I attended Corvallis grade & high school, until my senior year graduating from Hamilton High in 2004.

My adult career started overseas stationed at Kadena AFB, Okinawa, Japan as an active duty Air Force, Crash-Fire-Rescue and EMT. I was honorably discharged in 2008. My higher education started at the Louis F. Garland military fire academy, accrediting my fire science degree based out of Texas. I also hold an associates degree from Portland Community College in Aviation Science, with a private helicopter rating out of Hillsboro Aviation, Oregon. With 166 logged flight hours in a Robinson R-22. My next educational chapter took place right here at the University of Montana, where I earned their Business Entertainment Management certificate, with a minor in Media Arts and event planning. . . GO GRIZ!!

I have been an active Boys and Girls Club of Missoula County Board member since 2015. As of first quarter 2017, I was voted in and awarded the Board President position and leadership responsibilities of 5 Missoula County Club locations. This was honorably handed down and with all respects from our previous President, Trisha Sheperd. Who is still heavily involved and sits with us as a key component to the BGCM Board of Directors.

My dream and personal mission statement for Missoula County and the Bitterroot Valley areas: I vow to perpetually cultivate an unwavering step in the right direction in order to reach out and make sure ALL of our rural children have a safe learning environment to hang out at and simply just be kids when their parental guardian(s) are working. A Club that is fun-loving and cool to be involved with, a place with leaders and mentors that actually care what happens to them through their fragile growing years. Simply put, I will strive to create a positive setting in order to make sure our children of yesterday, our leaders of today, and our Presidents and CEO's of tomorrow, maintain a safe life trajectory! Right up until we help make sure they graduate from high school, still keeping them on their steady college and career dreams! 

You have my word on helping to introduce new programs and new Clubs to our rural communities and children.  So if you know of a way to help. . . Please, please don't ever hesitate to call! We need you! 
- Nic

Trisha Sheperd - Past President, Secretary

Trisha is one of our longest serving members of the Board of Directors.  She joined the Board in March, 2004 and has served continuously ever since.  Trisha served as the Board President from 2014 to 2017 and  is currently the Secretary.  Trisha has been instrumental in the success of the Boys & Girls Club, helping to see our Club successfully through the Great Recession and to moving us to our currently location in the City Life Community  Center.

Trisha is employed as the Marketing Manager at Southgate Mall in Missoula. She is very much a Montana women and enjoys camping and motor cycles of all sorts from a 4-wheeler to her Harley.

Rod Harsel

Rod has continuously served on the Board of Directors since 2004. He along with Trisha and Anne have helped our Club grow and prosper over the last 13 years.  Rod has been there for our Club and kids in so many ways.  From serving lunch at Thanksgiving to 60 kids to coaching a Girls 6th Grade Basketball team for Kiwanis to serving as our MC at fundraising events.  He does not limit his volunteer service to Club, he also is the President of the Missoula Softball League  and played a key role in getting the levy passed to build the Fort Missoula Recreational Park on South Avenue.

Rod has had an interesting career in music.  He started as a rock musician, then progressed to DJ and moved into sales for the radio industry.  He is currently a Sales Manager for Mountain Broadcasting, FM 102.5.  

Anne Vander Meer

Anne is another long, long standing member of the Board of Directors for Boys & Girls Club.  Anne served as a Committee member for years most visibly for the Playhouse and Pet Palace Auction that we used to hold.  Anne's workmanship is prevalent in at least half of the play houses and pet palaces that have been auctioned off in Missoula!  She became an Executive Board member in 2010 and has been serving our Club and our kids continuously ever since.

Anne is an Independent Contractor, making her living building houses and remodeling homes in the Missoula area.  Anne does not limit her volunteerism to the Boys & Girls Club.  She is a key volunteer for Missoula Medical Aide, an organization that works with rural and impoverished communities in Honduras seeking to improve health and access to health care.

Brady Potts

Brady grew up in small-town Montana and maintains his roots here in Missoula. He met his wife Raini during school and they were married in 2015. He is an Army veteran with one deployment to Afghanistan. He is passionate about giving back to the community and serves in various volunteer positions. 

Brady joined the Boys & Girls Club Board of Directors in July, 2017. 

Blake Osborne

Blake is a Montana native, raised in Kalispel. He joined our Board of Directors in June 2017 and has already proven to be a great asset to our Club!

Blake recently accepted a position in Recruiting and Sales for Jim Palmer Trucking after having spent many years as a Real Estate Agent in Missoula.

Hannah Zurraff

Hannah started with the Boys & Girls Club as a Summer Camp Program Assistant Director in the summer of 2016.  She returned to us over the school year as an intern developing some fun programming for our kids and organizing and putting on our Art Show.  She took art that our kids made and interspersed it with art from local Artists for a great show on First Friday in July 2017.

Hannah joined the Board of Directors in April, 2017 and is currently working on developing our first Formal Gala and Art Show that we expect o hold in the Fall of 2018!  But we are not the first non-profit that Hannah has helped.  She started with Boys & Girls Clubs in Elko, Neveda as a staff member.  She also planned and put on the  Alpha Phi Red Dress Gala in 2017 to raise funding for women's heart health.

Madison Schroeder

Madison is our latest addition to the Board of Directors. She is an entrepreneur and active community member. She has only been with us since July, 2017 but has already proven herself to be a big asset to our Club and our kids.
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